United Consulting provides temporary extra strength within HR through consultants for a certain period.

HR partner

Choosing a consultancy partner is not something you do overnight – and rightly so. Our talented HR professionals are at your beck and call, both on a temporary basis and for long-term advice, remote or on-site, fully bespoke. The duration and content of your project is still uncertain? No problem, we will be happy to discuss this in an exploratory conversation.

The perfect match for temporary HR assistance from United Consulting.


Consulting is not an off-the-rack product you can simply buy whenever you need it and it is not a button you can press in ChatGPT. It requires actual people: a creative mindset with a hands-on mentality. Our HR professionals not only bring positive energy to the table but also a wonderful team dynamic with a people-centric vision.

The perfect match for temporary HR assistance from United Consulting.

A match made
in heaven

Sometimes work just keeps piling up and some helping hands  and skills would come in handy. Our team of consultants provides you with the reinforcements you need and thanks to their expertise and flexibility they acclimatise quickly. They deliver precisely what you need as and when you need them.

A partner in all
business aspects

In conjunction with the other business units  within United Consulting™ we boast a strong network in finance, HR, supply chain, business support, marketing & interim management, enabling us to deploy the right professional for every opportunity.

Interim Management

Are you looking for an interim manager who can keep your department or business going for a specific period? United Interim Management knows exactly what kind of candidate you need.

Supply Chain

Do you want to finetune and support your supply chain processes where needed? You’ve come to the right place with United Supply Chain.

United Finance

Do you need your accounting, controlling and credit processes to be taken care of by top finance and accounting professionals? United Finance knows exactly what to do.

We are united

United HR – part of United Consulting™. Since 2007.

But we go way back… Our organisation was founded in 1998 . A quarter century later we are the proud market leader in consultancy. CEO & founder Johan Van Damme still heads the organisation, backed by a driven team that operates from company headquarters in Niel.

As a leading player in the market we have a broad range of professionals at our disposal. Thanks to our long years of experience and extensive connections, we are never short of challenging projects. Also, beyond merely providing services, we work hard to build long-term relationships based on loyalty and mutual trust.


De perfecte match voor tijdelijke hulp binnen HR van United Consulting.


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