HR professionals inschakelen voor tijdelijke extra werkkracht. Werkomgeving waar verantwoordelijkheid, vertrouwen en vrijheid centraal staan.

not as you
know it

We give our consultants responsibility, trust and the freedom to shine. Moreover, we  give high priority to a work rhythm on a human scale. At United Consulting™ you are not just a number; we are a 100% Belgian firm that genuinely cares about you.

United HR consultants voor learning & development houden zich bezig met de leertrajecten van je medewerkers.


Discover challenging projects and fascinating functions at leading companies. We give you a say in your career path. Eager to learn? Then you’ve come to the right place because we have colleagues with ten years of experience whose training programmes are brimming with inspiring success stories and valuable insights. Ready to embark on a trip bursting with challenges and growth opportunities?


We are not part of some huge foreign corporation and we are not publicly traded. As a result, all our decisions are aimed at generating long-term growth for our employees and clients.


As an established player we offer considerable advantages: a wide variety of projects both in terms of location and content as well as a unique insight in the workings of the industry thanks to more than 25 years of consultancy experience.


Don’t look for tailored suits or corporate culture. We have grown considerably but essentially we are still a family business, something that is instantly tangible on the work floor. An individual approach is central here.

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These videos will give you an idea of our unique business culture.